What games do you play?

We all play games and we all play to win. I don't have video or board games, or sports, in mind. We play games in life.

There are two types of games we can play - games in which we take responsibility and games where we avoid responsibility.

An example of a game where we take responsibility can be a game of being healthy. When I play that game, I take responsibility for my health. I work out. I make sure I eat better. I take actions to sleep better. Or I can play the balanced finances game - I take the responsibility for my finances and do whatever it takes to win that game.

The games where we avoid responsibilities are harder to spot. Most of the time we are not even aware we play these games. We can play the self-righteous game - I win when I prove you wrong no matter the cost. Or the victim game - I win when you pitty me and take the responsibility away from me. These games are so sneaky that often they play us. Or at least we tell ourselves that. "I wasn't myself when I said/did that" is just another way of saying "I'm not taking responsibility for my actions". Another game to play.

We can find our games to avoid responsibilities by looking into which excuses we use. Whenever we use an excuse, we give away responsibility and win a game.

My favourite excuse was "I'm too busy". But when I examined how I use my time I noticed how much time I was wasting on unproductive activities. I was playing the game of false productivity. I won every time I said "I'm/I was busy". I was avoiding being responsible for my time and what I promised to do.

Once I noticed the game I was playing, I took actions to take the responsibility back and things started to move forward. I started to play a different game.

Whichever game we play, we play to win. We give our best to win. We do whatever is necessary to maximise the chances of winning.

So, what games do you play?