Dress to perform

What you wear right now has an impact on how you see yourself and how you perform.

One study put that claim to the test. Researchers asked participants to do some attention-related tasks. Both groups had the same tasks but one group wore a lab coat while the second group did not. The result - people wearing lab coats performed better than people who did not wear a lab coat.

The same study also showed that the meaning we put into the clothes affect how we perform. When people worn a coat described as a doctor’s coat, they had higher attention levels compared to people wearing a lab coat described as a painter's coat. But here is the twist - it was the same coat. Only its description changed. That change was enough to have an impact on how people perform.

You have probably experienced how wearing different clothes affected how you perceive yourself. It might be a part of your job to wear a uniform. Or maybe you have worn a suit you felt a boost of confidence just by being in a suit.

We can use the power of the uniform to our advantage. We can define our uniforms, uniquely tailored to our circumstances and needs.

It is simple - have different clothes for different activities.

When you want to get into the work mode, wear something level higher than casual. Something that tells you “hey, I’m working now”. Wear that only when you work, even when you are working from home.

After work, when you want to relax, wear something more comfortable, more casual. Something that triggers your mind to chill.

And when it is time to go to sleep, get into your pyjama to tell yourself it is bedtime.

It is important to keep a clear separation. We want to associate one uniform with one and only one activity. Don’t mix your uniforms! Do not work in a pyjama or chill out in work clothes.

The act of changing the uniform signifies the transition from one area to another. Clearly defining what we wear and when put us in the right mindset - work, relax, sleep or exercise.

Question for you is, what uniform are you going to create?