Those who love to live will live

Imagine you can live for, let say, 200 years right now. You take a pill and just like that, you live at least until 2219. Would you take this opportunity?

This might sound like something from a fairy tale but science is getting us there.

Researchers have already found a way to double the lifespan of C. elegans worms and extend mice lifespan by as much as 35%. Applying these results to humans gives a lifespan of 116 to 160 years.

Dr Aubrey de Grey, one of the leading scientists working on reversing ageing, makes an even bolder statement that the first person to live 1000 years has already been born.

Not only that, those worms and mice had a longer healthspan - the period of time where they enjoyed a healthy life.

Sounds interesting, right? Longer and healthier life just like that. But there is a catch.

If you want to make it to 120-160 years old, you will need to have the right mindset. You need to love to live. Live has to be an exciting journey for you. Otherwise, you will just add at least another 40 years of suffering.

When the age-reversing therapies become accessible, everyone will have an opportunity to have another life. What would you do with that time?