Get away from the screen

It's been over three months since the lockdown and the forced switch to working from home. In these strange times where even time does not make any sense, I found myself doing one thing every day.

I spend a lot of time at my desk looking at the screen.

I can do some work but it is not the level of productivity I'm capable of. I do something and around 20-30 minutes later, my mind drifts away and I find myself on YouTube wasting time on silly videos. Then I blink twice and the day is gone.

I know about the Pomodoro technique - this mentioned everywhere productivity hack that says you should do your work in 20 minutes long intervals followed by a 5-minute break. But knowing is not the same as doing.

It sounded bizarre for me to divide the work is such way. But between wasting time on meme videos or doing bizarre things that move me forward, I'd choose the latter. So, I'll split my work into 20-40 minutes long chunks and when I notice my mind wanders off, I will get away from the screen and something else - clean the space, read, light exercises, make tea, anything to reset the mind.

Let's see how this experiment goes in a week.