I'm resisting to write this post.

I want to go check Instagram, reshuffle things on my desk or to stand up and walk away from the keyboard. My mind wants to do everything but not writing.

Why? Because it is not easy for me to write. It's a skill I'm training now during the 30 Days of Writing challenge. It is something I haven't been doing and I venture outside my comfort zone. My mind does not like that. My mind wants to do easy things. Minimal effort with immediate reward.

But I'm writing these words. My mind resists but I'm still putting one word after another.

Writing is not the only thing my mind resists. There is working out, cleaning the flat, taking care of myself, going for a walk, actual work on the list. There is always something else to do, another shiny thing to look at to keep my mind satisfied.

My mind wants to be where it is. It is comfortable here. Predictable. Nice and cosy. But that's not where the life is. There is no growth there. Nothing to make me a better person. Nothing to learn. Nothing to build upon.

I've had to break my mind to start writing today's post. I just sat down and start writing. But even then my mind said, "eh, it's not good, scrap it, start again". Do you see how sneaky it is? It was playing the perfectionists card to stall me until it is too late and I have to go sleep.

I'm forcing myself to write every word of this post. It is challenging. But that's where life and growth lies.

I'd like to say thank you to my mind. Thanks to you and your resistance I now know what should I do.