RAFT 2035: Roadmap to Abundance, Flourishing, and Transcendence

It may feel like there is no future. Climate change. Social inequalities. Political and economical instability. Add the recent pandemic to the mix and it is easy then to say that the future has run out.

I'm optimistic about the future. But believing everything will be ok at the end is one thing. Having guidelines and ideas on how to make everything ok is another thing. In the ocean of all possible outcomes, one needs a raft to not drown. And David Wood provides one.

The fifteen years from 2020 to 2035 could be the most turbulent of human history

In the next few years, we might see science fiction becoming reality. Many emerging technologies such as bioengineering, nanotechnology and advanced AI will interplay with each other, sending waves upon waves of transformations similar to the one caused by the Internet. The existing social and political structures are not prepared for this and will have to adapt.

In RAFT 2035: Roadmap to Abundance, Flourishing, and Transcendence, by 2035, David Wood provides a set of ideas on how to tackle all those big challenges with new tools. Tools that we either already have or will have soon and how we can use them to face those big challenges - from climate change to improving mental and physical wellbeing to better politics and even venturing beyond Earth, into space.

As a framework, RAFT is specific enough to get the ideas bubbling in the head but open to modification and adaptation to local circumstances and needs. It shows that it is possible to make the world work.

It is possible to build a society where everyone has equal access to tools, resources and services to help people flourish. High-quality education. Health services focusing on improving the length and quality of your life, both physical and mental.

It is possible to build a world where homelessness, hunger and crime are almost gone. A peaceful world with a healthy and sustainable relationship with the environment.

It is possible to live in a world where humanity can flourish.

All of that is possible. Getting there will be challenging but it is possible. The first thing to make impossible possible is to say that it is possible. The second thing is to have an idea how to make it happen. RAFT gives both.

When a big wave comes to you, you have two choices - run away or ride the wave. David Wood proposes to have a RAFT for shelter and reflection on how to navigate in the turbulent times. I'd say take the RAFT and use it to ride the wave to get to a better place when it calms down.