Yesterday, I attended a virtual conference about synthetic biology. I listened to many interesting panels, I've got many valuable insights, new ideas and intriguing perspectives.

And then there was networking. You can't have a conference (even a virtual one) without networking.

I spoke with a couple of people and I'm grateful they spend some time discussing different topics in those 5 minutes we have had for each other.

But the more people I spoke with, the louder the voice in my head was saying I don't belong here. Those people study bioengineering, run companies in the field or invest in them, have PhDs and all the qualifications to call themselves bioengineers. I felt awkward when it was my turn to say what I do.

"I'm a software engineer turning bioengineer"

The next morning, I gave this more thought and I've realised it is fine to feel like that. I am at the very beginning. Those people put years of work to be where they are. But they did it so can I.

Those thoughts come from comparing myself to others. Don't do that. I am who I am. Be authentic.

"I'm a software engineer turning bioengineer"