My love letter to cosplay

I don't know exactly when I have chosen to try out this thing called cosplay. Like many things in my life, the idea of cosplaying grew in the background, unnoticed, fed by my desire to create.

I remember discovering Adam Savage's videos on YouTube. I was, and I still am, in awe of his skills. Adam brought me into the rabbit hole of making. I started to notice other creators. The urge to create anything started to show up.

Somewhere around that time, I've got exposed to cosplay. Cosplay creators started to show up in my YouTube recommended videos. My Instagram feed gradually got filled with cosplayers.

"This is something I can do", I said to myself and I started seriously thinking about making a costume.

I've chosen Gellert Grindelwald for my first cosplay. A photo of the cast of The Crimes of Grindelwald just came out. I looked at it and said to myself "I can pull this out. My face kinda looks like discounted Johnny Depp's so why not".

Crimes of Grindelwald cast

I put the costume together, made the accessories and grow a moustache. For the first time in my life, I bleached my hair white, put contact lenses and applied makeup.

When I put the costume for the first time, with makeup, and I looked into the mirror, I was shocked and over the moon. I looked like Grindelwald!

Me as Gellert Grindelwald

I attended my first Comic-Con in London in November 2018. It was the final step, the final push, to become a cosplayer. I fell in love with the cosplay community and the ability to nerd out with other nerds in ridiculous and awe-inspiring costumes.

Since then I've made more costumes and attended more events, in the UK and abroad. I spent the night before I had my train to Cologne for Gamescom furiously finishing my costume, concrunching like a true cosplayer.

I bought 3D printers to level up my crafting skills and I started to create a small workshop in my flat. I'm learning how to sew and learning new techniques to make better costumes and props. I started to work out so I can look good in costumes.

I've made friends that inspire me. And I also become an inspiration to others. I was speechless when I learned what I do is inspiring a young boy.

I love cosplay. I'm happy I have joined this community of creative and highly skilled nerds. I can't wait to be back in costume.