Maintenance day

I book every Saturday to be a maintenance day. It is a day where I look around my flat and my workspace and clean it up.

I've got that from my home. Every Saturday, my parents were making us clean our room. I did not like that when I was a kid. But when I moved out and started to live on my own, I embraced them.

It is much easier for me to carve a big block of time just to clean up my space and to do everything in one go.

So, how does the maintenance day look like?

Clean the flat

This one is simple - wipe the dust off, clean the floors, put everything where it should be, do the laundry. The goal is to clean the flat and make it nice.


If you don't organise and re-organise your stuff regularly, things get lost or you forget about them and sooner than later chaos creeps in and you can't find anything. That's why I reorganise as a part of cleaning. I pick one box or drawer or area, take everything out and check what is there. Then I put everything where it should be or throw away if it is not needed anymore.

I like to think about how I can improve my storage and retrieval system. Can I group things differently? Can I build something where I can keep those things? It is an interesting ongoing project.


There is always something to repair. Machines break down. Tools break down. Like with cleaning, it is easier for me to just fix everything I can in one go.


Improving the space around me is what I like the most on maintenance days. It feels good to come up with something that makes life easier.

Your turn

Try including maintenance days in your week. Pick one day and say that on that day, I will clean and improve my space. Stick with it and you will create a clean, organised space where you can live and be creative.