Patch humanity with empathy

A year ago, I attended TransVision 2019 - a conference about transhumanism. In between conversations about mind-uploading, life extension and super intelligent AI, there was another thread under the surface.

Transhumanism is the science-based movement that seeks to transcend human biological limitations via technology

Those people, who work on bringing sci-fi into reality, were pointing out that humanity needs an upgrade in empathy and our humanity. Looking around the world right now, I can't agree more.

We are still a tribal species. If you don't look like us, then you are an enemy. You are a threat. Being born with different skin colour or in a different place is enough to justify cruelty against other humans.

Maybe before we rush into the next step of human evolution and get our minds wired into the Internet or live 120 years in perfect health, we should become more than a human by recognising a human in others. Patch Human 1.0 with empathy and more humanity, release it as Human 2.0 and from there go to Human 3.0 with all those cool transhuman upgrades.