Since the lockdown forced me to work remotely, I noticed I spend way too much time at my desk. 9-5 job, side projects, writing and relaxing collapsed into one at this desk.

I have polluted this space. It started a long time ago but remote work amplified it.

I've built my current desk as a place to work, do research and learn. In the beginning, it was that. But over time, I started adding non-productive activities - watching YouTube, gaming. The desk stopped being the place for being creative - it became a place where I sit in front of a computer.

Work, learning, entertainment collapsed into one.

I get easily distracted now when I sit at my desk. I know I am capable of producing quality results but I put roadblocks in my brain. And since the brain is stupid and wants to do easy things, it finds its way to open YouTube and spend time there, pretending to be learning.

I do a quite good job with my spaces for sleeping and working out. There is no work in my bedroom. I also use the bedroom as a workout space and that also works well.

Here are the steps I'm taking to separate productive work from entertainment and time-wasters:

  1. Remove everything that can distract me from my desk
  2. Put labels to remind what this space is for
  3. When in work mode, dress appropriately (just anything that is a level up from pyjama)
  4. Don't watch YouTube at the desk