I've set myself a goal - make a cosplay for MCM London Comic Con in May 2019. I've decided to cosplay as Ashe - a futuristic outlaw and gang leader from Overwatch. I enjoyed the design of the character and wanted to create a male version of her.

And I failed to do so.

I only finished Ashe's rifle and some small details of her outfit. And that's it. I didn't make the main costume - the waistcoat/jacket with tail, the hat, trousers or boots.

There is no place for excuses. I did what I did and I didn't do what I didn't do. The place I found myself in has only one way out: going forward.

Last week, I've read Every Tool's a Hammer by Adam Savage. Adam is one of those people who inspired me to start creating. Thankfully to him, I got into cosplay. I've seen every single One Day Build he had put on YouTube. I watched him build costumes and share his latest workshop improvements. I was inspired by Adam and started to build. At last, I ventured into cosplay.

I wish I read Every Tool's a Hammer two months ago. The lessons Adam shares might have helped me save the project. The main takeaway I've gotten from the book is the importance of planning and making lists. If I sat down and wrote down in details what I wanted to achieve, then I would see what exactly I needed to do, which materials and tools I needed and which skills I had to learn.

I've jumped into this project with an idea in my head but without a plan. I've learned my lesson though. Now I'm making detailed lists of all the things I need to do - from creating and cosplay to learning and business ideas. I started to use Things for my lists and I love it. I can already see that I'm becoming more organised.

As for Ashe cosplay - I will finish it. I missed London Comic Con in May, but there are other cons in a not so distant future. I'm planning to finish my Ashe cosplay for London Film and Comic Con by 21st July. I will also take it to MCM Comic Con in Manchester. In August I want to cosplay as Ashe at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany, and sign up for the contest there. And to finish off the year, there will be the second MCM Comic Con in London at the end of October and the second MCM Comic Con in Birmingham in November.

I will share my progress here and on my Instagram.

Failures happen. Don't just dwell on them. Regroup, see where you are and where you want to go, make a new plan and do it.