5 YouTube channels that inspire me

Here are 5 YouTube channels that inspire me and have shaped where I am right now.

Isaac Arthur

A go-to channel if you want to learn about science in futurism. In each episode, Isaac takes a sci-fi concept and grounds it in real-life science. Topics vary from colonising the Solar System to advanced AI and robotics to big scale projects like moving an entire star or how a civilisation could survive the end of the time.

Adam Savage’s Tested

In My Love Letter to Cosplay post, I shared how Adam's videos put the seed of an idea of building things in my mind. Adam Savage is like a saint patron of makers - he inspired countless people to become makers and taught is all kinds of tips and tricks. The One-Day Builds beautifully capture the process of making something from nothing.


Grant Sanderson explains math like no one else. He sometimes takes complex problems and explains them in such a way that sometimes I was asking myself why I haven't understood that sooner... it was that simple! Grant is a math teacher I wish I've had in school.

The Hacksmith

If there is a cool gadget in a superhero movie, guys from Hacksmith will make it and it will work - from Batman's grappling hook to all of Tony Stark's toys. The passion these guys put into their work is inspiring. And you learn a thing or two, too.

Lex Fridman

Lex's channel is my recent discovery and I wonder why I haven't stumbled upon his channel sooner. Lex does interviews with scientists, tech entrepreneurs and visionaries. The list includes such people as Elon Musk, Richard Dawkins, Vitalik Buterin, Jack Dorsey, and more. Each conversation is full of interesting and intriguing ideas to follow.