22 June 2020

Lessons learned from writing every day for a month

Here are the lessons I have learned the hard way by writing every day for 30 days

21 June 2020

Constant work in progress

There is always something to improve and something new to discover

20 June 2020

I love games

I wouldn’t be here without them

19 June 2020

The environment can lift you up

Surrounding yourself with extraordinary people was never that easy

18 June 2020

Time tracking

Time tracking was the last big missing piece needed to take my personal productivity system to the next level

17 June 2020

Always sharpen your saw

Part of learning is relearning what you have forgotten

16 June 2020

Don't forget what you stand for

Let's make the world work

15 June 2020

Dress to perform

What you wear right now has an impact on how you see yourself

14 June 2020

Get away from the screen

I spend a lot of time at my desk looking at the screen

13 June 2020

Maintenance day

I book every Saturday to be a maintenance day. It is a day where I look around my flat and my workspace and clean it up.

12 June 2020

5 years of H+ Weekly

It's been five years since the first issue was sent

11 June 2020

Learn to unlearn

Forget what you know so you can discover something new

10 June 2020

Make something

I like to make things

09 June 2020

Teachers make the difference

Sometimes we just need someone who can explain the same thing in a different way

08 June 2020

RAFT 2035: Roadmap to Abundance, Flourishing, and Transcendence

It may feel like there is no future but there is. But you many need a RAFT to see it

07 June 2020

How I write tasks

Why I write my tasks as they have been done

06 June 2020

Patch humanity with empathy

Maybe we should upgrade humanity with more humanity

05 June 2020


How my mind wants me to do nothing

04 June 2020


Don't be afraid to be authetic

03 June 2020

What is synthetic biology?

So, what is synthetic biology anyway?

02 June 2020


I polluted my desk and what I will do to clean it up

01 June 2020

Write down your thoughts

How to manage thoughts

31 May 2020

One rule to break resistance and to start accomplishing tasks

What I do to break my resistence towards moving things foward

30 May 2020

4 Books for June

What I recommend to read in June

29 May 2020

I don't know what to write about so I wrote anyway

Writing is hard

28 May 2020

5 YouTube channels that inspire me

Here are 5 YouTube channels that inspire me and have shaped where I am right now

27 May 2020

Finish it!

How to free up space in your brain for important things

26 May 2020

My love letter to cosplay

I love cosplay. I'm happy I have joined this community of creative and highly skilled nerds

25 May 2020

Why you should play Dungeons and Dragons

Here is why I believe everyone should play at least once D&D and what the game can teach you

24 May 2020

What games do you play?

We all play games and we all play to win. I don't have video or board games, or sports, in mind. We play games in life

23 May 2020

I'm taking 30 Days of Writing challenge

Inspired by Conor Dewey's post 5 Insights From Writing Every Single Day, I have chosen to take on the 30 Days of Writing challenge

10 May 2020

Being an optimistic futurist

Why shouldn't I be optimistic about the future? Why not being an optimistic futurist?

29 April 2020

Subfields of bioengineering

In this post, I want to take a high-level look at different subfields of bioengineering

19 April 2020

Me as a bioengineer

Or why have I chosen to become a bioengineer

16 January 2020

How the xenobots were made is more important than the robots

You might have seen the news about xenobots but how they were made is more important and exciting than the robots itself

13 September 2019

Those who love to live will live

Imagine you can live for, let say, 200 years right now. You take a pill and just like that, you live at least until 2219. Would you take this opportunity?

31 May 2019


I failed to finish a project on time and what I am going to do about it

25 October 2015

The Simpsons and Their Mathematical Secrets - Book Review

Or how The Simpsons are secretly full of nerdy math references

30 June 2015

Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School - Book Review

When saw I Richard Branson's his latest book, Like a Virgin: Secrets They Won’t Teach You at Business School, in a bookstore I knew I wouldn’t leave the store without it.

10 June 2015

H+ Weekly

I'm introducing H+ Weekly - a free weekly newsletter about AI, robotics, transhumanism and future technologies that will make us more than a human

20 May 2015

The Martian - Book Review

The Martian - a mix of Apollo 13, Robinson Crusoe and Gravity… on Mars, with a lot of sarcastic humour

19 May 2015

When the only winning move is not to play

AIs solution to the Trolley Problem might be something we do not expect