My last email I’ve sent to people at Builtvisible. It was the most epic email they ever received.

The day has come for me to say Goodbye and throw myself once again into unknown, in the quest for the world domination.
Or to be awesome.
Or to became Loki.
Because he’s awesome and he rules the world.

Actually, a mix of Tony Stark, Loki, Elon Musk, Nicola Tesla, Bruce Wayne and David Sarif will be the best thing for me.

Anyway, let’s go back to the main topic. It was really nice to meet you all and share some funny moments with you. I’ve learnt here a lot of things needed in life. Well, ok, I’ve learnt one thing – playing fooseball. It might be a crucial skill to have in the place where I’m going. Nevertheless, me before BV and me now are quite different persons. Thank you all for being a part of that.

Maybe we will meet somewhere in the future. Maybe we will have an opportunity to make together some crazy stuff once again. Or maybe we are just another random by-standers in our lives without any influence on each other. Time will show.

So, good luck everyone and goodbye!

PS. Finch’s, 5:30pm. I can forgive, but I will not forget.

PPS. If you see in London crazy-ass jet assault drones flying in formations over Thames or dancing to electro robo-raptor, it will be probably my stuff.

PPPS. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be fine.

Howgh, meow.